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Split-level Kitchen Remodel

Serving Retail Clients

In serving retail clients, a job or project can be billed out in one of two ways, each with its own unique benefits to the client.

Cost Plus - With a project like a kitchen or bath remodel, where often there are
a lot of unknowns to discover and address, the entire project is run under this structure. That means that all design, Research & Development, elevations and
shop drawings, permitting, material acquisition, supervision and oversight of sub-contractors, basically all labor and material costs that Evergreen Finish provides, is subject to an additional mark-up to cover the cost of doing business.

The benefit of this structure to the client is simply that the client remains in control of the ultimate cost of the project. After initial consultation, layout, and design, the appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures, cabinetry and millwork, countertops, tile and glass work, floor coverings are determined. An estimate of the cost of these items, including the labor to install them, is then generated, along with a projected duration to complete the project. If these estimates are acceptable to the client, the project can proceed.

Fixed Bid - With projects such as a custom porch or deck, mantles, cabinetry or furniture, door or window replacement, or millwork installation, a fixed bid can be issued for the project, since there are usually no surprises. Obviously, the benefit here to the client is knowing exactly how much the entire job will cost. If there are aspects of the job going into it that are uncertain, these can simply be isolated out in the bid, and with an estimate issued, approach those aspects on a time and material basis.